Palm Beach Medical

Our facility is located inside the State-of-the-art medical facility Palm Beach Medical. With all the luxuries of modern technology and treatment options for pain control, prevention and healing, this team based patient management system helps the patient quickly achieve, restore, and maintain an optimal balance between your body´s fitness and wellness.

In Addition to Dr. Pilato´s adjusting skills, injury prevention and nutrition expertise there is also a team of Doctors, Physician Assistant and Massage Therapists at the facility that utilize a goal-oriented approach which is designed to have the most physical medicine disciplines easily accessible to the patient.

There has never been a better time to choose Palm Beach Medical and their multi-specialty practice as we watch the current medical system faltering before our eyes with the rise in pain, disease and obesity. With the over-use of dangerous pharmaceuticals, chemicals, unnecessary surgical procedures and ever-upwardly spiraling medical costs, we have to ask ourselves, are we really any healthier? Does it really make sense to keep on treating sickness instead of keeping our bodies as well as they can be?

We enjoy helping people find health and healing in the modern world and treat you as a person and not a chart number.

Please feel free to call our office @ (561) 969-3232